Are you a grower or a shower?

Beard.  If you don’t already have one – start growing one NOW!

If you haven't noticed, beards are a man's number one accessory at the moment 

And here’s why: 

A study in Australia by the famous University of New South Wales resulted in the finding that women find men with beards not only best suited for fatherhood, women also feel more protected by men with beards AND they find men with beards more attractive – are you really going to argue with esteemed scholars?? 

Those same clever people also found that other men (with or without beards) think that men who can grow a stubble or more growth are deemed more masculine than men who can't. 

So, keep the ladies and gents happy –surely that's a win win! 

Ok, so now you’ve decided you need to have a beard, next to decide is, are you a grower or a shower? ( pun intended!) 

So let’s start with the grower: 


A "grower” – will always be “growing” his beard, trimmed to perfection – adds a touch of masculinity to his look. Needs little looking after except a regular trim and a good moisturiser. 

The shower on the other hand: 


A shower will be forever growing his beard and “showing” it off even going so far as braiding pretty flowers through it for maximum shower appeal! This beard is going to need some loving with beard oils, balms, combs, shampoos and conditioners to keep it in tip top condition or better still a great beard grooming kit with all he needs for that perfect beard (or maybe a trip to the local florist!) 

Whichever your beard choice – wear it with pride – men and women will love you for it!