Should men Moisturise?

Umm – yeah! 

For oh so many years men have been hiding (or stealing from their partners) the use of moisturisers. But no more! More and more men are realising the benefits of moisturisers – darn it, there’s a whole industry out there producing products specially designed for men. 

From Day Moisturisers to Night Moisturisers, body creams to ones that target healthy shaving. If you haven't started your skin care regime yet, then here’s what you need to know: 

Know your skin type 

To start your men's skin care journey – get to know your skin type, it will make all the difference when you choose the moisturiser that’s just right for you. 

Each of us have a different skin types with a uniqueness all its own. On the whole there are 5 categories – lets go through them and see if you can spot which best fits you:   

Oily skin 

If your skin has large visible pores and a slightly oily/greasy layer soon after washing – could be that you have oily skin.  

Top Tips: It goes without saying, stay clear of products with an oil base. Best moisturisers are ones that “mattify” for day creams, stick to serums during the night. 

Dry skin 

If your skin can be prone to flakiness, can feel a little stretched and rarely shows any excess oil – chances are you have skin that needs hydrating. 

Top Tips: Use a moisturizing cleanser and follow up with a rich moisturizer. Use lotions with an oil base – especially at night so they do all the heavy lifting while you are in your rest zone.   

Sensitive skin 

This is your skin type if your skin gets easily irritated or you suffer redness post shaving. You need sensitive products for your sensitive skin! Try a cream that is both a moisturiser and an after shave balm all in one.

Top Tips: Steer away from products that have alcohol, fragrances, parabens and stick to natural ingredients and moisturise more than once a day.   

Normal skin 

What is “normal” these days anyway! Well, when it comes to skin type, its one that doesn’t suffer from any of the above – lucky lucky you! 

Top Tips: You may be the lucky guy here – but hold on just one minute! Be sure to use products that maintain the moisture balance without adding any extra oils.  

Combination skin 

So, this one’s a bit of all of the above – slightly oily on the forehead, maybe nose too, but cheeks that dry up regularly – and there’s some great products for this skin type to. 

Night Time is the right time! 

We all know the saying “work, rest and play” but make sure your skin care regime is working while you are resting. Your body renews all manner of things while you sleep. It’s a known fact that using a night time moisturiser will enhance your skin for the morning – making it better looking ( some of you may not need this, but some of us do!). During the night the moisturiser will work its way into your pores and seal in that hydration. And if age is catching up with you – slow it down a little by adding anti-aging creams with Retinol ( Vitamin A) or Glycolic Acid ( it’s a good acid) and watch as you skin starts aging slower. 


Just wear it. 

Not wearing sunscreen is the biggest cause of skin damage. 

SPF30 is fine, all year round. 

Just wear it. 

Keep your eyes on the prize 

Your eyes are sensitive – and so is the skin around it. Look after it with an eye cream, day and night. Best ones are the ones with Vitamin E or Hyaluronic Acid (another good acid). Retinol (Vitamin A) will also fill some of those lines and make your eyes come to life (rather than the saggy bags under them). 

But mostly, get some good quality sleep. 

Body beautiful 

Yep - don’t just leave the moisturising to your face. That body that works hard at the gym, needs some loving too – and a good all over body moisturiser will not only make you feel good but will also keep that body looking young and beautiful to be enjoyed by all! 


Happy Moisturising!