About Us

Welcome to Sabu Apothecary -  the world of the Ethical Man.

We don't want to bang a drum and we don't want to point a finger.

What we do want to do is have a clear conscience, and do our bit for the environment and all the animals that roam our planet.

So, whether you are vegan, halal, kosher, vegetarian or a carnivore, we invite you to browse our site and discover simple alternatives to the everyday products that you use day in and day out. All vegan and all good for the world around us.

We have spent a long time sourcing just the right products from others that share our beliefs. We will keep adding more products as time goes by and we would love to keep you updated, so please sign up for our newsletter - we promise you that we wont send you too many emails - just the right ones at the right time.

Come and join our journey to find everyday things that make a big difference.