Vegan natural toothsoap alternative to cleaning your teeth with toothpaste made with organic ingredients (3939410346072)

natural toothsoap - english peppermint

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natural toothsoap - english peppermint
A completely and 100% natural way to brush your teeth. Made entirely from non-toxic ingredients and flavoured with organic peppermint essential oil, this recipe allows teeth to absorb nutrients without coating them, promoting natural remineralising and tooth nourishment.
  • Naturally foaming formula with Peppermint oil
  • Made from organic oil from sustainable Palm kernels
  • Supply: 60ml - 6 months / 1 person / twice a day
  • No added glycerine for natural teeth remineralisation 
  • Comes in recyclable & compostable cardboard tube


      Proof that vegan living is for you, natural toothsoap - english peppermint will fit into your unique life.

      Inventory Last Updated: Jun 23, 2021